Blogger, writer, and editor who doesn’t get out of bed for anything unrelated to the Brontës or time travel.
Debut novel, A Tale of Two Glass Towns, coming in 2022 from Olympia Publishers.

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Who Am I?

Hello and welcome to Brontë Babe Books. I’m Nicola, a blogger, writer, and Brontë devotee also known as the Brontë Babe. In 2017 I set up Brontë Babe Blog to introduce readers to the juvenilia of the Brontë siblings. An avid reader, I also reviewed several other non-Brontë books on my blog. Now the time has come to move them across to their own website, Brontë Babe Books.

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A Tale of Two Glass Towns
Author (coming 2022 from Olympia Publishers)

Tales of the Genii
Editor (2021)
Available exclusively from The Crow Emporium. The book consists of the wonderful paintings of the Brontë juvenilia by artist and writer, Christina Rauh Fishburne, accompanied by passages from the Brontës’ tales as selected by myself. 

“Before Jane, Heathcliff, and Agnes: An Introduction to the Brontës’ Worlds of Glass Town, Angria, and Gondal.”
Author (2021)
Article about the Brontë juvenilia as featured in Headcanon Magazine.

A Tale of Two Glass Towns” in I Know That Ghosts Have Wandered the Earth
Author (2020)
A short, Brontë-inspired story which was featured in a ghost themed anthology.

“Autobiography, Wish-Fulfilment, and Juvenilia. The ‘Fractured Self’ in Charlotte Brontë’s Paracosmic Counterworld.”
Author (2019)
Academic essay on Charlotte Brontë’s juvenilia in The Journal of Juvenilia Studies, Vol 2.2.